Beauty Haul – Estee Lauder

Today is a “Me Day Monday”. I don’t know about you but this cold weather is not being overly kind to my skin, nor the early morning starts.  I’m convinced that somehow I seemed to age overnight and develop… wait for it.. some fine lines under my eyes and something I’ve never had before.. eye bags!!! Ok, maybe my splurge below was rather OTT and the apparent ageing was simply linked to lack of sleep but these items are wonder products which I would highly recommend.  I noticed a difference after one night! and since then my skin is looking in tip top condition. Very excited to see what the continual usage results will bring.




I purchased the much hyped about Advanced Nigh Repair Recovery Complex Serum (£69 for 50ml).  Promising to wake up to beautiful looking and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The ChronoluxCB Technology makes the skin feel smoother, hydrated, radiant and fresh.  I was amazed at how well this product worked after one use.  The serum melts into the skin and when I woke up, any signs of a blemish had magically disappeared. Well worth the money!! This will last a long time so when you think of price per usage, it’s definitely an investment!



I used to think that you didn’t really need to use same brand products to enhance the results but I think I could be wrong.  After applying the repair serum, I dab the Advanced Time Zone Age Reversing/Anti Wrinkle eye cream (£40 for 15ml) under my eyes.  This cream formula feels very luxurious and leaves under your eyes feeling silky soft and very hydrated.  I managed to pick up a gift set in Debenhams which also included a 7ml Perfectionist serum and volume mascara.  As I’m new to the brand, it’s good to try out other products.  Plus if it’s the same price for the eye cream, you’d be foolish not to take up this offer (:

I then got the DayWear Advanced Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Oil Free Crème (£40 for 50ml).  I was looking for a new day/night cream and this one can be used both morning and night.  It contains cucumber extract which adds to the refreshing feel to it whilst also making your skin feel silky smooth.  This cream is oil free which reduces potential blemishes from arising (if you have combination skin like I do).  The cream also targets dullness, dry skin and the first signs of aging.  Most importantly, it contains an advanced sunscreen with an effect UVA defence, which as we know is essential for keeping ageing at bay.



Overall I am VERY happy with my purchases.  A very big splurge but so far I can safely say that it has been worth it.

Let me know if you have tried these products or if there are any which you would recommend


Until next time…

Lots of love



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