Kaiser Chiefs – Public Service Announcement 2015 Tour… I was there!!

The Kaiser Chiefs are back with a bang! Having had a few years out of the spotlight, the guys are back with their Public Service Announcement Tour.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on tickets when they went on sale last year, and went to their show at the London O2 Arena on Feb 13th. And what a show it was!

IMG_6019 IMG_6016


The five piece, led by the truly talented Ricky Wilson, who had taken a break from his latest stint as being a mentor on the BBC’s talent contest, The Voice, came back with an exuberant set including all their known for hits such as “I Predict a Riot”, “Angry Mob” and “Oh My God”, plus tracks from their new album Education, Education, Education & War.

At a Kaiser’s gig, the atmosphere is electric when you have standing tickets as there’s a lot of jumping  and signing at the top of your lungs. It’s even more amazing when you realise that there is infact a B stage in the middle of the arena!! I managed to worm my way through the crowds so that I had prime position right infront of Ricky Wilson.  Having sang a couple of songs, he exited the stage by running through the crowd.  I did get a high five so I was very excited by that!! I absolutely love him!! Such a handsome chap… now who says Friday 13th is unlucky!? Certainly not (:

IMG_6040 IMG_6039 IMG_6034 IMG_6030



Unfortunately the screens behind the band failed to work throughout the show however they were thankfully fixed for the guys singing “Coming Home” which had scenes of London playing in the background which gave this a rather nostalgic feel to the performance.  The song came to an end with lots of tiny bits of paper being blown across the audience, which again raised the cheers from the very loud crowd.



The band came back for a three song encore which ended with lots of streamers being launched into the air and over the crowd.


The show was packed with a 21 strong track list, Ricky Wilson doing his impressive acrobatic leaps and a lot of work with cameras including one which was strapped to his microphone for extra close ups, the Kaiser Chiefs pulled off yet another impressive and incredible show! In the words of “Oh My God”, they certainly did come back “Stronger than a Powered Up Pac Man”.


Here is the track list:

The Factory Gates

Everyday I Love You Less and Less

Everything Is Average Nowadays

Ruffians on Parade

Na Na Na Na Naa

My Life

The Angry Mob


The Occupation Roses

Team Mate

Modern Way

Never Miss a Beat

Time Honoured Tradition (Peanut’s choice)


I Predict a Riot

Pinball Wizard (The Who cover)

Coming Home


Falling Awake

Misery Company

Oh My God


I was switching between my camera and iPhone so the picture quality differs, sorry about that!

IMG_6054 IMG_6053


For all gigs, it is mandatory (well I think) to buy a piece of merchandise.  I fell in love with this T Shirt, so just had to have it.  It was only £20 which is perfectly reasonable compared to other bands merchandise. Close up, it has the names of Kaiser songs on the front.  The back is plain.



Let me know if you have managed to go to one their shows or are planning to.

Oh and if you’re wondering, for The Voice, I am of course #TeamRicky all the way!!


Love Hayley xx

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