McBusted M.E.A.T Tour – Glasgow 12th/13th March – I was there!!!

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour 2015.


This most definitely tops my March favourites list.  I have been “slightly” obsessed with McFly since they came onto the music scene 12 years ago and I am completely in love with Danny Jones.  They are my favourite band of all time and their music is guaranteed to make you smile and want to get up and dance.  On their 10 year anniversary shows at the Royal Albert Hall, London in 2013, which I was of course at!, they decided that they would join forces with Matt and James from Busted, forming the superband McBusted!!

It is my yearly tradition that I will attend all Scottish shows of their tour, as well as London.  That meant I was at the opening and 2nd night of their MEAT tour at the Glasgow Hydro on March 12th and 13th.  I of course had front block front row seats for both nights which I was ecstatic about.  However there was a slight blip to this.  15mins before the 1st show started, the steward came over to tell me I was in the wrong seat!?! Turns out, the arena had messed up the seating plan so there was NO row A?! And it was infact row F?? I was given two “non options” of sitting other than the front when the third option was to be in the OMFG zone!! I of course jumped at the chance of this as it means you are EVEN closer!! I have tickets for this in London but they are rather pricey at £134 each but this night I got in for free (:

It was actually unreal and possibly the best night of my life! As it was 5mins before the show started when I got into the pit/golden circle, I positioned myself at the back which would later turn into the front of the circle infront of Danny’s microphone.  They guys run around the walkway on the stage so I was over excited when Matt Willis leaned down to high five people. I of course grabbed his hand, and he held onto mine for ages whilst singing.  However when he went to pull away, I was holding so tight I cracked his knuckle! Oops.  I also grabbed Danny, Matt and James’s knees and ankles, played Danny’s guitar and..wait for it… appeared on the big screens!! I know this all seems rather stalker-ish however if you know Mc(Fly)Busted then you’ll understand (no judging!)





The show opened with the highly electric “Air Guitar” which got the crowd going jumping straight away.  Singing a combination of their hits collectively as McFly, Busted and McBusted, the guys were clearly back with a bang! The show was very colourful filled with lasers and explosions of shiny paper and streamers.  The stage was a huge arcade game, which they infact broke the World Record for having the largest working gaming machine. Rather impressive.  They had a Voltar in the background at one point which reminded me of the film Big.  There was of course a B stage which they entered from the sky in a time machine DeLorean, which follows on from their last tour.  They exited the stage through the crowd and appeared back on the main stage singing “Crashed The Wedding” wearing the most ridiculously funny wedding dresses.  For “All About You” they had a Kiss Cam which was very funny watching people’s reactions of being on screen.  The end of the show was like Super Mario where they exited by sliding down a flower stem.

IMG_6561 IMG_6624



The set list consisted of the following:

Air Guitar

Hate Your Guts

One For The Radio


Get Over It

You Said No


What Happened To Your Band

Air Hostess

What I Go To School For


Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest

Crashed The Wedding

Riding On My Bike

All About You

Star Girl

5 Colours In Her Hair

Shine A Light

Year 3000

Those were two incredible nights and I’m overly excited that I get to do it all again at the London O2 on Sat 4th and 5th April.  However there is an added bonus to the London experience, I have tickets to MEET the band!!! I cannot wait and then I found out the show will be recorded and released on DVD later in the year.  I will post the photo when I meet them (: WHAAAA!!!

So that’s not all either.  In their tour programme, they have a page dedicated to thanking their fans and yes, you guessed it, my name is there! I will treasure this programme forever haha.

IMG_6886 IMG_6887

And of course, you cannot go to a gig without purchasing some merchandise.  So this time I went for a hoodie (note.. you cannot beat a Mc(Fly)Busted hoodie, they are always soooo comfy and cosy!), long sleeve T, MugBusted mug and a key chain.

IMG_6878 IMG_6879IMG_6880 IMG_6881

IMG_6883 IMG_6884 IMG_6882


Here’s also some You Tube videos, and all credits go to the users who uploaded them.


McBusted are made up of the incredibly talented: Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter, Matt Willis and James Bourne.

Much Love

Hayley Taylor xx



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