GlossyBox April 2015 Review – The Iconic Edit

This month’s box pays homage to Hollywood royalty whose elegant and timeless beauty is as relevant now as it was then.  Featuring Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn I had high expectations for this box, especially as they added a spoiler into the March box.

I’ve subscribed to Glossy now for 2 years and for the first year it was amazing! Now, I’m not so sure as there are now far too many boxes that leave me feeling rather disappointed and cheated.  In comparison to the likes of Birchbox and Look Fantastic, GlossyBox has lost its way and what were once exciting boxes filled with decent sized luxurious products, have now been replaced with products which are cheap and low quality.  Of course there is the odd exception which is few and far between.  The other annoyance is that they changed how many glossy dots are received per survey which means it will take far longer to qualify for a free box.

I think that I personally will give them one more chance and if the May box leaves me again feeling rather “meh” then I will be cancelling for sure.

Here are the contents of the April box:



Lord & Berry – Lipstick pencil £10 (full size received)

I was very excited to trial this product as I do like L&B products.  Quite similar to Bobby Brown, this is a good quality reliable brand.  I really like this pencil.  It is easy to apply and the colour lasts for hours.  The shade I received was “Kiss” which is a bright red.  As the day goes on, the colour seems to change to more of a pinky shade.  I’d rate this a 7/10.



IDC – Country Rose Shower Gel £3.99 (full size received)

This soothing and calming shower gel has a mild rose scent.  The packaging is pretty and although this is full size, it would be perfect for travelling.  I’d rate this 6/10


Colour Club – Barely There Nail Polish – £4.10 (full size received)

Slightly disappointed with the colour however this is a nail polish which lasts a good few days without chipping.  It has a standard brush to apply which is easy to use. I’d rate this 7/10 for its lasting properties.


Astal Original – Face and Body Moisturiser £3.89

This is a brand which has been around for years although I have only sampled it now.  The formula is very rich and has a very strong and long lasting scent.  It reminds me of the smell that hits you when you walk into a chemist.  Although it’s a face moisturiser, I think I would only use this on my legs.  It can also be used as a cleanser to remove make up.  Skin feels silky smooth after the first use and its non greasy and quick drying.  I’d rate this 8/10 for effectiveness however the smell puts me off, so for that I’d say 2/10 (the fragrance really is SO strong!!).


POP Beauty – Kajal Eyeliner Pencil – £6.50 (full size received)

This is a brand which I have never come across before.  On first glance, I thought that this would be a good product as it has the crayon/pencil on one end and a blender on the other.  The blender actually fell off when I went to use it and the crayon isn’t long lasting.  It’s easy to blend and apply however overall it just seems to be low quality.  I’d rate this 2/10.


All in all I am not impressed by this box at all.  I have missed the cancellation deadline for the May box however I think I’ve given Glossy enough chances now to redeem themselves.

Let me know if you received anything different as maybe I was unlucky with the products I received.  Also let me know your overall thoughts and if you pulled the plug on your Glossy subscription.


Hayley xx

7 thoughts on “GlossyBox April 2015 Review – The Iconic Edit

  1. I feel you on the boxes! I have a Julip subscription, and what was once decent product s have been replaced by more and more fillers, and now the box is even smaller to make it seem fuller. If you do quit glossy box and try a different one that you think is good, let new know and I’ll switch too.

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    1. Will do! Same goes for you (: At the moment my favourite box is by Look Fantastic. With Glossy the box seems bigger and the products get smaller! Ever since they created a box for teenagers (which is now non existent), the box is now filled with lower end products. Not cool! xx


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