Tory Burch Haul – June 2015

Hi Guys!

Hope you’re all doing great and had a fab weekend!

The Summer sales have well and truly started and I have to say I went a little spend crazy at Tory Burch.  This is one of my favourite designer brands and although it is expensive, the quality of the items is outstanding.  As you would of course expect from designer wear.  Tory Burch is an American designer and her items were frequently shown on shows such as Gossip Girl.  Also, when I’m on vacation in the United States or Mexico I see a lot of women wearing her pieces.  Her logo is the famous -| |-, which if you look closely is actually TB.  It still reminds me of the Take That symbol though (:


Right now there is around 40-50% off instore and online which makes some of their items justifiable and affordable.  So I thought that I would share with you some of my purchases.

First up, how adorable is the packaging! Very girly and incredibly vibrant colours.  It just screams luxury to me.


I managed to get my hands on this adorable polka dot make up bag.  It’s actually pretty big so I think I’ll use it more as a toiletry bag for when I’m travelling.  It’s nylon which means it’s water proof which will prolong the its life span.  My current Marc Jacobs one is fabric and over the years has got so much make up on it, the colours have faded from washing it so often, oops.


Next I went slightly crazy buying shoes and sandals.  I know I know, how many pairs does one girl need?! But my birthday is coming up soon and if you work hard (which I do) then you should be able to reward yourself every now and then, right? (:

Tory Burch flats are incredibly comfortable.  They retail full price around £220 and in the sale they drop to around £120.  It may seem pricey however they do have a long lifespan.  I got these beige “Raleigh” pumps as they will be perfect for wearing to work and for a glam casual look with skinny jeans.


I also picked up two pairs of sandals.  I absolutely love the tan ones.  I think these will look great with denim shorts.  The other pair has blue and gold stripes and I’ll probably wear these for everyday wear and going to the beach.  I think these will actually go with a lot more options, for example with work wear, skirts, dresses, short and skinny jeans.



Who are your favourite designers? Let me know your thoughts on my haul and any sale bargains that you have managed to pick up, no matter where they are from.

Lots of love

Hayley xx

27 thoughts on “Tory Burch Haul – June 2015

  1. Yes! The packaging is amazing! Look at that! And, I love your flats. I’ve been eyeing her foldable ones. :o)
    Hmmmm… favorite designer…. Well, I was loving Kate Spade’s Saturday line, but she closed up shop on that. Boo! I just got back from Paris and really loved Cotélac. I can’t wait to do some more damage in there. LOL. Hope your Saturday treated you well. :o)

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    1. I hate when designers stop certain lines, so annoying. Paris is a beautiful city, did you buy anything nice? Not actually heard of Cotelac, will definitely have to check it out. Yes thank you, a VERY chilled out day which is exactly what I needed. Hope you’re having a great weekend xx


    1. Hi! I would say that all the flats I’ve ever had have been super comfy and I’ve managed to wear them walking around the city,on holiday etc. so walked a few miles at a time in them.I prefer the softer flats with pointy toes as these seem more comfy than the classic quilted pumps, which on first wear gave me blisters. Heels I’ve not tried. Flip flops and sandals are v comfy. I avoid the elasticated flats though as I’ve had two pairs which were SO pretty but killed my feet! I gave those away haha Xx


  2. I love reading posts from other Tory Burch crazy people. I’m a huge Tory Burch fan as well. Nice haul, Love the Raleighs and the sandals. As part of my haul this Summer I picked up the Raleighs in black patent, on sale. These ones;
    LOVE the design on your Millers. They would fit very well into my collection of Millers.

    Thanks for sharing your love for Tory Burch and this amazing haul.


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      1. Hey, wow a year already?! Those flats are gorge! I’ve bought another couple of sandals, two jumpers, toiletry bag and a bag 😬woops! Now I’m just holding out for the winter sale 😃🎉
        I’m doing well, hope you are too! Xx

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