Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Hi Guys,

If you’re as sick of shaving and waxing unwanted hair away as most people are, it’s time to look at other options. One of those options is laser hair removal. But before you have a laser treatment you should definitely learn as much as you can about it. So, here are 5 quick tips to get you started.

  1. Side Effects Will Be Minor 

If you’re worried about the side effects of laser treatments, don’t be. In rare cases people might experience blisters after having laser hair removal. But the worst side effect that is really likely is that you might have a red, itchy rash for a little while after you’re done. That may be hard to believe because of the potential side effects of other major cosmetic treatments, such as surgery. However, hair removal treatments are much less invasive than surgery.  The key is to go to a reputable salon and ensure that they carry out a patch test on the area in question.  That way you’ll be able to effectively see if you have any reactions to it and whether you can handle the slight pain (think of being pricked with a needle or tweezing your eye brows).  It’s really not that bad however we all have different pain thresholds.  Me, I am terrible however I managed to survive it!


  1. You Won’t Have to Waste Much Time

Chances are that you have a very busy schedule. Most people these days do. But if you live by the philosophy that time is money then you don’t need to worry about having hair removal treatment. It will barely take any time at all. You should be in and out of the clinic in about an hour. Yet, the effects of the treatment could last for months. That’s definitely an hour well spent in my eyes.


  1. You Really Shouldn’t Feel Much Discomfort at All

If you’ve been putting off trying laser treatment, it could be because you expect the procedure to be painful, or at least uncomfortable. Well, it’s possible that you could have a little bit of discomfort. You might have a feeling of your skin being zapped, almost like when you have a shock from a static charge. You will also probably feel your skin heat up a bit. But neither of those sensations should actually be painful, especially not compared to how it feels when you wax unwanted hair away at home. More information can be located here


  1. You Don’t Need to Grow Your Hair Out First

One of the biggest myths about laser hair removal is that you need to have a lot of visible hair for the lasers to target. The truth is that the lasers are designed to kill or damage the hair follicles, which are the roots of the hair. So, you don’t need to have a lot of hair showing on the surface of your skin when you go in to have the procedure done.  I would recommend shaving 3 days prior to the procedure as the pain will be manageable.  If you shave on the day, it will be incredibly sore!


  1. You Will Need to Find the Right Laser for You

One last thing you need to know is that some lasers are better at treating certain skin types. It’s important to get laser treatment from a device that is suited to you. You will need to talk to your chosen clinic and make sure that people with your skin type have had good results from their devices. That’s the best way to guarantee that you will walk out of the procedure with smooth, silky feeling skin.


Although laser hair removal can be pricey, the results are invaluable.  Plus when you think about how much you spend yearly on razors or wax treatments, this is actually a pretty good option.  I’d also say that it’s better than epilating as this left me with a lot of red dots all over my legs.  With laser treatments, I had 5 treatments on my legs and didn’t have to shave for 8 months after! It’s brilliant.

Let me know what your thoughts are and if you have tried out laser hair removal or would consider it,

Have a great week

Hayley xx

8 thoughts on “Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  1. I am really considering this and have been for a year or so, but it’s just the cost. I’d love to get it on my legs – I’m dark so it’s just a pain having to shave almost daily. My only issue is the cost. I just can’t justify it right now because the amount of time my legs are on show is so minimal.. This was a really great post and so informative. I’ll be linking my friends who I know would consider it too X

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    1. I know it’s pretty expensive however I found a reputable spa that does it and thankfully they do winter sales or Black Friday offers.Then as a regular customer you also get a discount. Eg 6 sessions of full legs I got for £700 which isn’t too bad… Supposed to be double that. I’d Defo recommend it…only if you can afford it xx


  2. I have been considering on getting laser hair removal done for ages now. I will fully admit that I am absolutely lazy to do the little bit of research that is involved to find a trusted source and deciding which area I wanna take care of first. Just like your post above; I have only heard really great things about the treatment and I think I’m just going to stop procrastinating and finally give it a go.


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  3. I have laser hair removal done – I think that my last session was about 1.5 to 2 years ago. I managed to find a package deal and got 9 sessions for my underarms, half leg and bikini line. I’ve had only very minimal regrowth, and what has returned is much finer than what was there originally. Eventually I will get a couple of “touch-up” sessions to see if I can’t eliminate the stragglers. I’m so happy that I had it done.
    And just for reference I’m a pale brunette who burns easily and I had no problem whatsoever. I think I might have turned a wee bit pink, but it faded really quickly (unlike a sunburn). It didn’t hurt at all, it just felt weird and mildly uncomfortable in areas where the skin is thin like the underarm and leg crease of the bikini line.

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