The Secret To Award Winning Skin – Starskin

Hey Guys,

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts this month.  There’s been alot going on this month, good and bad, as well as a much needed vacation.  However I’m back! yippee! (:

So, do you wanna know the secret to a flawless complexion?! Introducin Starskin.  The company behind the most incredible bio-cellulose face masks that leaves your skin feeling incredibly hydrated, glowing and like you’ve had a spa facial.  I blogged about these masks back in July when I featured the brand in my July 15 favourites.  Since then, I have never looked back and I can honestly say that I am addicted! I have factored these masks into my skin care routine, applying one every Sunday and the serum throughout the week.  My skin feels silky soft, dry skin has been banished and the serum’s youth restoring formula has definitely worked a treat.  Also, my main gripe was large pores which have shrunk and are barely noticeable now… yippee!!


I store the masks in the fridge for an extra oomph on application.  The masks are soaked in 30ml of serum to give you a camera ready glow.  There is enough serum in the pack to apply for the next 5 days.  The masks are formulated with naturally fermented coconut juice as well as other ingredients which is dependent on each of the masks.

Bio-cellulose is made from fermented coconuts using a natural process so they’re not chemically created.  The natural fibrous material, which has a jelly like feel to it, which adheres to the face like a second skin to quickly and efficiently infuse the serum into the skin.  The masks are hypo allergetic as well as being paraben, mineral oil, sulphate and alcohol free.  So all in all, they are very good for your skin!

You can purchase the masks from a variety of retailers including ASOS, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols here in the UK.  They retail at £8.50/£12.50.  I recently purchased the entire range of face masks as well as they eye and foot masks.  Here is the low down on each mask:
Walk of Fame

I’ll start with the foot mask as I’ve actually hurt my foot and needed something to soothe away the pain.  This is a double layered sock which relives swelling, pain and is intensely nourishing.  Green tea, chamomile and peony root are the key ingredients.  Because menthol is one of the ingredients the socks are naturally cooling however the double layer works like a sauna effect to enhance penetration of the product.  I left these on for over an hour and my feet feel silky smooth, there is no dry skin and thankfully it’s cured the dull throbbing pain.. for now at least.  I would highly recommend these.

There are also hand masks which are like gloves.  I didn’t trial these as my hands are very soft.  However, if you are older, have wrinkly or dry hands then this would work a treat!



The Gold Mask – VIP

New to the range, this mask will plump the skin which giving a celebrity red carpet glow.  It contains collagen, avocado oil, rose hip oil and evening primrose.  It is simply devine and incredibly hydrating.


The Diamond Mask – VIP

Another product new to the range is this mask which will brighten, refine and enhance elasticity.  It contains diamond dust for a Hollywood glow, olive oil to hydrate and evening primrose to smooth the complexion.  There are also anti aging ingredients to leave you feeling like you’ve just had the best facial of your life!


Close Up

This mask will enhance the radiance of your skin whilst restoring the elasticity.  The mask contains anti aging ingredients such as collagen, wheat protein and omega 3.


Behind The Scenes

This is my favourite mask in the collection.  It is deeply purifying, pore refining and will prevent and calm breakouts.  Vitamin B and C, spelt seed and gentian root all work together to achieve a flawless look.  This one I find to be the most hydrating and the one which you see immediate results which last for days.  It’s also great to use if you want a flawless make up base the following day.


Red Carpet Ready

This mask is another which contains collagen which will provide long lasting suppleness of the skin.  It does give a nice glow to your skin after the first use and instantly smoothes the skin.


After Party

This mask is set to correct dark spots, provide an energizing radiant glow and even out your skin tone.  Omega 3, sugar maple and herbal melody are the key to this serum’s formula.


Eye Catcher

I’m obsessed by these eye masks.  Perfect to apply either first thing in the morning for the perfect wake up boost or in the evening to help you relax and de-stress.  They will reduce puffiness and dark circles whilst banishing fine lines.  Collagen, licorice, root, snail mucus??! (say what??!!) and blueberry all work together to give you the perfect pick me up.  Ideal after a night out or days when you are exhausted.



Very exciting, Starskin have also just launched a mask for men.  Now you won’t have to worry about your partner stealing your masks (:

I would 100% recommend these masks and I have been using them now for 8 months.  After continued use, I have definitely seen a noticeable difference to my skin in particular improved hydration, radiance and minimised pores.  The best beauty find I’ve came across to date!

I’ve not been paid or sponsored for this post and the above are my views.  I wouldn’t recommend anything that didn’t work as I find it highly annoying when you think you have found a winner, spend lots of money only to find out it was a waste.  Definitely not the case here! Trust me.

Have you tried out these masks?  Are there any others which you would recommend?

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great week.

Love Hayley


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