A Better Way To Blot… Introducing The Blotterazzi

Hi Lovelies,

As we say goodbye to yet another week, I introduce to you The Blotterazzi.  From the makers of Beauty Blender, comes this game changing alternative to blotting papers.  In the iconic fuscia pink similar to the Beauty Blender egg, the Blotterazzi is a flat egg shaped sponge which is about 5mm wide.  It is shaped to fit all contours of the face and easily absorbs excess oil without disturbing makeup.  Skin is left feeling radiant and oil free.  Within the plastic case, it contains a mirror for on the go touch ups and two Blotterazzi’s.  The case has a vented back and separators to ensure both sponges stay fresh and dry.

As with the Beauty Blender eggs, the Blotterazzi comes with a liquid cleanser to soak out tough stains and keep your sponges in tip top condition and squeaky clean.

With the Blotterazzi, I’m sure you will make your friends envious as you blot in style.

The Blotterazzi is £16 will soon be available in all stores which stock the Beauty Blender.





If you have managed to get your hands on the Blotterazzi, let me know your thoughts.  I’m obsessed with my Beauty Blender and this is winging it’s way into one of those items that I can’t live without!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley xx

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