GlamGlow Face Mask Review

Hi Lovelies!

Have you ever wished that you had that “red carpet” glow that all the celebrities seem to have? Like most, I strive to have glowing radiant skin and if there’s a quick fix that will help me achieve this, then I’m all in.  I am incredibly excited that I now own all three of the GlamGlow face masks.  They are rather pricey, and for a 50ml pot, it retails at £45-£50.  However they really are worth the hefty price tag! Trust me.. they REALL Y are!!


GlamGlow is the most advanced, fast-acting and innovative cosmetic technology which gives immediate results for camera ready skin.  After leaving the product on your skin for 20mins, you will literally have fresh glowing radiant skin.  It’s almost as if you’ve spent loads of money on a professional facial!

My favourite out of the three masks is the GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment – 34g.


This mask will assist in the fight against the following skin concerns:

·         Visible pores

·         Problematic skin including oily skin

·         Blemishes

·         Pimples

·         Breakouts

·         Black and White Heads

·         Razor burns

·         In grown hair

That’s quite a list! The product is a detoxifying mud mask which will brighten the complexion, smooth and even out skin tone, improves elastin and collagen, and most importantly de-clogs and minimises pores.  If you’re like me, then you want to know that the products that you apply to your skin are actually working. As this product dries, you can visibly start to see the congestion being pulled out from your pores giving you immediate results.  I think that’s pretty cool especially as you can easily tell where your most problematic areas of your skin are.

Here is when I applied the mask:

Once the mask dries, about 5 mins later the mask starts pulling out the excess oils and congestion from your skin.  It’s actually pretty cool!


When applied I found that the mask does give a slight burning sensation however that quickly passes. The mask contains ingredients such as magnesium, charcoal, salicylic acid and aloe leaf juice.  It has a pleasant smell and the jar lasts for ages!! A little sure does go a long way.

GlamGlow is probably most known for the Youthmud Tinglefoliate Treatment – 50g.  This mask is a must for those who seek the highest quality ingredients and exceptional results.  This is the mask that celebrities wear prior to walking the red carpet as it gives your complexion a glowing radiant appearance for 3 days after each application.  It really does… my cheeks always look pinky like I’ve applied a layer of blusher.  As the mask starts to work, you will feel a tingly sensation to your skin.  That’s because one of the main ingredients is volcanic rock.  It also contains Kaolin, a French Sea Clay, Green Tea Leaf and Chamomile.

This mask will tighten, brighten, tone and lift the skin.  It will absorb impurities without removing natural oils.  Similar to the Super Mud however not as visible.  It will also leave skin feeling incredibly soft and clean.


The final mask to the collection is the ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment – 50g.  This mask smells ah-maz-ing!! It reminds me of holidays and toffee. I could literally sniff the jar all day (:

This treatment will provide extreme moisture and is labelled as a “Thirst Quenching Hit in a Jar”.  Unlike the other two, this mask is a carmel non mud like consistency.  It’s easy to apply however I would say it’s best to apply with the GlamGlow brush that comes with the pot.  After one use, you will be amazed.  Skin is hydrated and moisturised.  It’s designed for men and women and is particularly useful for a post-shave.  It will calm skin and retain moisture multiple times to its weight to reveal silky soft skin.  This mask contains ginger root to detoxify the skin for a healthy complexion and orange blossom honey to provide energised radiance.


I am absolutely obsessed with these masks, particularly the SuperMud.  If you have very dry or sensitive skin, I would recommend the ThirstyMud.  If you have combination or oily, I would recommend the SuperMud.  For all skin types, apart from those with sensitive skin, I would highly recommend the Youthmud Tinglefoliate Treatment.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this post.  If you have tried out these products I would love to hear your opinions and whether the masks worked for you.  If you have tried any of the other products in the range, let me know! These are next of my wish list including the BrightMud Treatment for Eyes and the PowerMud Dual Cleanse.

Have a great week!

Love Hayley xx

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