Michael Kors Rhea Backpack – An Early Birthday Gift (:

Hi Guys,

Hope you all had a great weekend!

My Summer vaycay and birthday is fast approaching, so I  figured that I would have a mini splurge and purchase the Michael Kors Rhea backpack.  I figured that since I’m going on a beachy holiday flying at a ridiculously early time, a backpack would be my bag of choice.  Not only is it more convenient when you have to master wheeling a suitcase whilst still trying to look glam, it is practical and holds a lot!

What sold the Rhea bag for me was of course the studs! The gold pyramid polished studs give this bag an elegance with an edge accent.  I don’t believe the white with gold bag is available here in the UK.  It tends to be the white with silver so I opted to purchase the bag from Macy’s online.  The bag retails at £310.  It has two main zipped pockets and a zipped pocket around the bag.  Inside contains 3 secured pockets plus a key ring clip to attach your keys so that you will never lose them.





I absolutely love this bag…it’s simply beautiful!

Have a great week!

Hayley  xx

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