The Easy Guide To Saving Money via Online Shopping

Hey Everyone,

With the festive season fast approaching, we will all no doubt be spending a lot on gifts, food, going out, the Winter sales when they arrive… the list is endless! With that said I’m sure everyone would be interested in saving some money as they shop, therefore I wanted to tell you about a very easy way of doing so.  Unfortunately this is only applicable to online shopping and if you live in the UK as you’re paid in GBP.

My friend first introduced me to the website topcashback which is basically a website that offers cash back on numerous retailers such as Selfridges, TopShop, Waitrose, utility companies such as insurance, entertainment and leisure.  It is the UK’s No1 and most generous cash back site.

It’s free to join/sign up and basically all you do is create an account, then search for the retailer you wish to purchase from, the site will then load up the retailers website and you shop as normal.  In the background the topcashback website calculates the percentage of cash back due on the back of the amount you spend with your chosen retailer.  It’s completely safe and trust worthy!

I shop online a lot and over the past 12 months I have earned £642.  That’s basically free money! It’s very straight forward to transfer the cash to your bank account.  Similar to the process on Paypal and the funds credit your bank account within 3 working days.

If you fancy having a look and signing up, please use my link by clicking here.  This will enable you to gain your first £5 for free.

This post is completely non sponsored.  Just thought I’d share the love and help you all save some cash.  If you need anymore information or you’d like to ask me any questions, pop a comment in the box below.

Until Next Time…

Hayley xx

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