My Little Box December 2016 – Christmas Edition

This is my second box since being resubscribed and after the November box, MLB most definitely had a level of expectation to upkeep. This box has an incredibly festive feel to it.  This month the hand drawn illustrations have been replaced with a gorgeous festive pattern of holly leaves and sprigs with other festive foliage adorning the box. Likewise instead of the ribbon inside the box keeping everything together, a beautiful green ribbon was tied around the box with a strawberry candy cane. Nice touch MLB!


When opening the box, you are greeted with a seasonal Christmas illustration with warm and cosy  festive wishes.. “I wish you snuggles under wooden duvets and kisses under the mistletoe”. A very positive and happy note.  The My Little World magazine was filled with fashion inspiration, party prep techniques, a snowy day manicure, how to braid hair and some very useful recipes including a detox fruit shake.  I think I will definitely be investing in making this once we hit the new year.


The first item in the box which caught my eye was this cute glass jar of salted caramel spread from Tiptree.  Anything that comes in a miniature size is adorable, who’s with me?! This spread tastes insanely delicious.  It would be perfect for dipping breadsticks into although may be slightly sickly on toast.  It’s rich and thick.  I’ve never came across a salted caramel spread before however I’m officially hooked!


The next food item was this pot of tea leaves by Kusmi Tea.  The flavour is Tsarevna which is a black tea flavoured with orange and spices.  It smells of aniseed and looks interesting however I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea (* no pun intended!) as I am a sucker for breakfast tea… pass the Tetley! The jar has such a pretty design and the lid has flowers embossed on it.


There were to lifestyle items this month.  The first being this lovely Feu De Bois candle.  It smells light, fresh and pine/forest like.  Perfect for cosy Winter nights in by the Christmas tree.  I love candles so this is a great addition to my collection.


Next up was a bracelet.  Now if you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know that I cancelled my My Little Box Subscription towards the end of last year because the lifestyle items became questionable and there was a “cheap” gold metal bracelet where you threaded embroidery thread through.  This bracelet is cute however is not for me unfortunately so I know that this will find its way to the bottom of the drawer never to be seen again.


The beauty items this month included a shower oil by L’Occitane.  This smells and feels amazing on the skin.  It contains almond oil and smells like almonds.  It feels luxurious and leaves your skin feeling deeply moisturised and silky smooth.  It leaves faint scent on the skin and is the perfect seasonal product.


Next was the Hyperbole fragrance from Courreges.  I’ve never heard of this brand before and probably wouldn’t be my go to choice of scent and brand.  The fragrance has a zesty spicy kick to it and includes notes of bergamot, white pepper and tonka bean.


Lastly from the My Little Beauty collection there was the Christmas Melody Duo Smoky Eye palette.  The colours are a shimmery taupey lilac and a darker plum brown with subtle lilac fleck.  I love the taupe colour.  Both are a creamy powder formula making them easy to apply and blend.  Both colours compliment each other well and it’s the perfect size for popping into your handbag.


I think that My Little Box continues to up their game and it’s evident that as a previous subscriber, the MLB team are continuing to put more thought and effort into their boxes.  I really enjoyed this month’s box, and absolutely loved the November box.  I have high expectations for the January box and cannot wait to find out what 2017 will bring for this brand.

Are any of you subscribed to My Little Box or previous subscribers?  I would love to know your thoughts on this month’s box.

Until next time

Love Hayley xx

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