January 2017 – My Little Fresh Start Box

The January My Little Box caught me off guard this month as the illustrated box that they are renowned for was replaced by a soft cotton bag filled with goodies.  This month the theme is a Fresh Start, and as January is the month where we all try and reinvent ourselves and try new things what better way for MLB to trial out something new. The box will however be back next month, so don’t panic.


The bag is a soft cotton draw string bag featuring an inspirational quote on the front.  The idea is that you can reuse the bag for storing make up, knick knacks and for travelling, however I think I’ll be using this store my tights.  Who else buys new tights and quicker than you can blink some how they’ve been snagged in your drawer… first world problems!

The second change is that the My Little World magazine has been replaced with new surprises. I’m quite excited by this as I didn’t always find the magazine to be very appealing.  Having removed this feature, My Little Box can start to invest more within their contents.  There are five notecards, each featuring one small yet powerful way to change your life for the better.  There’s also this adorable and very useful Timeless Planner.  It’s a diary/agenda filled with questions designed to help you get to know yourself better this year, for example “Something you’d like to be famous for”.  Installing more “me time” enabling you to relax, focus on your goals and to look at the bigger picture. The planner is a hard back which is perfect for popping in your hand bag without getting crushed. I love it and will definitely be utilising it throughout the year.




The second lifestyle item was this gorgeous navy and dusky pink snood.  If you aren’t familiar with what a snood is, it’s basically a circular scarf.  This is cosy yet lightweight and it will dress up a simple outfit or black jumper.  I always like to keep a dressy scarf on over my dress at work as not only does it keep you nice and snug, it also looks sophisticated and professional.


There were four beauty items this month however I will only show three.  One of the items was toothpaste.  Some boxes had a berry one and I unfortunately received a mint one.  I have an odd phobia of mint (don’t ask!haha) so was not particularly happy to open my bag to the stench of mint.  I left my bag and its contents on my balcony for days so that the smell would evaporate, woops!

The other three items I was very excited to try.  I’ve seen the Garner Ultimate Blends range advertised in weekly magazines however had never noticed it in store.  This is the honey treasures restorer balm which is an intensive treatment for damaged hair.  I put my hair through hell from straightening and getting regular highlights so I’m looking forward to this luxurious treat.


The other two items were from the My Little Beauty collection.  This is such a good quality brand that I cannot wait for them to eventually release it in the UK.  Unfortunately the brand is only available to purchase in France so if you really like something it’s impossible to replace.

First up was a sweet hand cream.  It has a marshmallowy texture, it’s quite thick however rubs in well leaving your hands feeling fresh, nourished and soft.  It dries instantly so doesn’t leave a greasy finish.


The second item was the Boost Yourself Revitalising Body Cream. This is a fruity lotion containing sunflower seed oil and ginger.  It’s moisturising and feels light on the skin.  I love the packaging of the My Little Beauty items as they stick with the pastel hues.


Hats off to My Little Box by starting the year of on a high.  Hopefully this box sets the standard on what’s yet to come throughout the year.  I am very happy with the box (bag) and it’s contents…minus the minty incident.


If you received the My Little Box this month I’d love to know what items you received and what you’ll be using your bag for.  If you are subscribed to any other boxes and had a great January box I’d love to hear all about them.

Hayley xx

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