Origins – The Perfect World Gift Set

During the holiday season, Origins never fails to deliver on their limited edition gift sets.  They are great value for money as you will always find a full sized item accompanied with 4-5 additional decent sized products for the same price as the full size item.  I came across the Perfect World range when browsing at the duty free on route home for Christmas.  This line stands out from the rest as it contains White Tea.  I’ve never tried any products with tea in it so was very intrigued.

Now if you live in the city like myself, then it’s even more important to look after your skin as we endure higher levels of pollution which unfortunately has a negative impact on our skin by prematurely ageing and damaging the skin.  White tea helps is sort of like an age defender.  It helps to minimise the appearance of lines, wrinkles, dark spots and loss of firmness.  It also contains polyphenols which s a potent antioxidant that helps protect skin from damaging free radicals to keep skin looking and feeling youthful for longer.

The Perfect World set includes the Age Defense moisturiser that contains an SPF 25, the Antioxidant Cleanse, an Age-Defence treatment lotion and a Skin Guardian, all of which include White Tea in the ingredients.



The moisturiser is THE perfect base for make up.  It’s non greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it deeply moisturised and silky smooth.  It also helps to neutralise free radicals before they deface the skin so helps to prevent ageing.  It also includes an SPF which I think is essential in a day cream as this provides a barrier against sun rays.  Remember even on those cloudy days there’s damaging rays which a lot of people forget.  The scent is fresh containing orange and Bergamont.


The Age Defense Skin Guardian is a luxurious serum. I would say it has a thicker consistency than most however immediately when applied to the skin, you can feel that it’s working wonders.  It hydrates and brightens the skin, and from having using it for a few weeks now I can see that the texture of my skin has also improved.


The treatment lotion is like a bubble protector for the skin.  Used like a toner, this will refresh, soothe and hydrate the skin whilst leaving it feeling soft and smooth.


Finally the foaming face wash is antioxidant-rich and contains dirt grabbing minerals to gently cleanse the skin. It contains Palm, Coconut and Oat Amino Acid which will detoxify the skin and keep it free from harmful, free radical releasing impurities before they cause oxidation, deterioration and dehydration.  Skin is left feeling squeaky clean, smooth and refreshed.  And of course, the gift set came with this very cute makeup bag.


I have been using this set for 3-4 weeks now and I am absolutely loving all the products.  It’s part of the Origins range that I have never tried before and I am so glad I did.  Since using it, strangers have been complimenting me on the texture of my skin and that it looks clear.  I took part in an event last weekend at a department store where I had to remove my make up (yep on the busiest and most famous street in London!) and going bare faced seemed to attract a lot of positive comments… some sales assistants thought I was still wearing foundation! So it’s safe to say that these products most definitely work and I would highly recommend them.

The gift set cost £32 and the full size products retail between £22-£34.

Let me know if you have tried The Perfect World set and what your thoughts were.  Also let me know what your favourite Origins products are.

Have a great weekend

Hayley xx

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