January 2017 Favourites

Can you believe that we’re waving goodbye to January already!? Time sure does fly by these days.  So far I’ve stuck to my resolutions which to be fair I’m usually very good at until it reaches Nov/Dec.  Although most people look at joining the gym, I figured that I would try something new and stick to it. So whilst continuing with the gym and gymnastics, I’ve started going to spinning classes.  It’s a brand that specialises only in spinning and their studios are fab – think of doing a work out in a nightclub setting, with neon lights, motivational instructors and tunes pumping. It’s so much fun! I’m thinking that this year I may also change my blog to include more lifestyle content, of the healthy variety.  Would you guys be interested in this? I’m thinking beauty and work out tips, updates on the spinning classes and healthy lifestyle choices such as smoothies.  All in all it relates to beauty and I think is a pretty good read. Let me know in the comments below!

Moving on, here is the first instalment of my 2017 favourites for the month of January.


First up is possibly THE best find that I’ve came across in a while.  If you are like me and have highlighted, coloured or bleached your hair to death then you really NEED this item in your life.  Olaplex Hair Perfector is a take home salon treatment for parched hair.  It is an intensive treatment which should be used once a week to strengthen chemically treated hair.  If your hair is severely damaged, my stylist advised to leave it on overnight.  Once you wash it out, your hair is manageable, stronger, softer (but not too soft if you have thin/fine hair) and feels and smells salon fresh.  It’s a miracle worker! You do need to use it weekly to see the true benefits, again on severely damaged hair, otherwise after 5 days your hair will look dehydrated again.  Since using it, my hair has definitely became stronger, I have less breakage and my hair seems to be growing faster.  I absolutely love this and couldn’t recommend it enough.  It retails at around £30 and although it’s only a 100ml bottle, a little goes a long way.


The Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is rather pricey at £22 however it is a two in one cleanser and exfoliator.  It contains rose hips, chamomile and passion flower to effectively cleanse the face leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh.  Since using this, my skin has looked brighter and much clearer.  I’ve also noticed a reduction in pore size which is always a bonus! I have had no breakouts, even at that time of the month.  I think it’s great and again this is something that lasts a long time.  I’ve taken part in a few makeup trials and it may be coincidental but strangers keep complimenting me on my skin when I’m bare faced.  I’m convinced that this product has played a part in this.  I’m excited to try more products from the Bliss range as this has set the bar very high.


During the cold Winter weather, it’s even more important to exfoliate your skin to get rid of dry skin, keep your skin glowing and a good deep clean.  The Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It is an absolute gem.  Retailing at around £8, it is a pore refining scrub that has really gritty particles which I prefer on my skin as I feel like it gives a better clean.  The formula is a cross between a mud and clay, it contains fruit extracts and smells fresh like a cucumber.  You’ll definitely notice a difference after the first use.


Moving onto another form of scrub, this is the Bobbi Brown Beach Body Scrub.  I managed to pick this up in the January sales so although it retails for £25, I managed to get it for £12.25… bargain!  I have a feeling though that it may be discontinued item?  It is a lightly scented scrub that has hints of jasmine, sea spray and mandarin.  It smells devious and reminds me of Summer Holidays.  The texture is quite gritty with a luxurious rich lotion which quickly exfoliates whilst deeply moisturising.  It’s perfect for exfoliating prior to applying self tan (the grittier the better), but it does leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Love it!


I also picked up two packs of Popbands in the sale.  These were reduced from £6 to £2.50.  They’re gorgeous summer colours and add a pop of colour to even the simplest of outfits.  They are stretchy soft ‘no dent’ hair ties that hold hair up tight and still leave it fresh and kink free when you take it down.  You can also wear these as a bracelet on your wrist as super cute arm candy.


I am obsessed with the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair face masks and when I saw that there was eye masks I had to try these out.  The Advanced Night Repair formula is a super luxe serum that prevents anti ageing, recovers skin from daily pollutions, enhances the condition and texture of the skin whilst deeply nourishing within.  These eye masks help if you’ve had long days, tired eyes or simply have fine lines around your eyes.  They moisturise and brighten and are absolutely fabulous.


My last item is something that I have been eyeing up for months! It is of course the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette.  The packaging is rose gold metallic and is simply gorgeous.  The palette includes a face sculpt which is a bronzer which should be applied onto the cheek hollows, ample, jaw line, sides and tip of the nose.  Followed by the highlight which should be applied to the cheek bones, centre of the nose bow of the lips and brow bone for candle lit skin.  I am fair skinned so I purchased the lighter shade.  This product will simply change your life! If you don’t fancy the £49 splurge, you should go to a Charlotte Tilbury stockist and ask them to apply it to your face.  Guaranteed you will also be hooked and most certainly will end up splurging.  I’ve even wore the sculpt shade with no foundation and instantly it just has this magnificent power of changing the shape of your face and making you look like a Film Star goddess. It will simple change your life!



I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I have introduced you to some new items to try out.  If you have already tried the products in this post I would love to hear your reviews so pop me a comment in the box below.


Hayley xx

6 thoughts on “January 2017 Favourites

  1. It is hard to believe we are one month into 2017. Yikes! Good for you and being so active and fit. You are very inspiring.
    You blog is great now but any lifestyle or added health content would also be great.

    Hope you are having a great day 🙂

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