Créme de la Mer Limited Edition GlossyBox

When I heard that GlossyBox were doing a collaboration with Créme De La Mer I knew in an instant that this limited edition beauty box would be like gold dust. Similar to last year’s collab with Nars, the boxes sold out in record timing. Thankfully I was poised ready and managed to get my hands on one. If you’re not familiar with La Mer, it’s the number one skincare brand worldwide and probably the most priciest. I have always wanted to try their products however I could never really justify paying over £100 for a tiny pot of moisturiser. Thankfully along came along this box containing 6 of their best sellers, which was £30 for GlossyBox subscribers and £40 for non subscribers.

The packaging was simple and sophisticated in the classic La Mer pastel green. The products were tied together with a elegant ribbon which gave a nice touch. Once unraveled I was slightly disappointed to find the sizes were tiny! Less than 5ml in most items which technically could have been picked up as a sample from your local department store. This was far from the standards of the Nars box contents which were more mini versions of the full size items rather than simply being samples.


The item I was most excited to try was the Créme de la Mer moisturiser which is their most iconic product. It contains a Miracle Broth which is activated when you warm a small amount in between your finger tips. The cream feels quite rich however once rubbed into the skin it instantly deeply hydrates and soothes skin. You can tailor this to your skin type, for example if you have oily skin you should apply once a day, if you have dry skin apply in the morning and evening, and if you have combination skin you really only need to apply to the drier areas of your face. There’s actually five different textures to this moisturiser available including a matte and a luxurious glossy illuminating texture. A full size 30ml pot will set you back £115. Pricey however it really is amazing.

Launched earlier this year, the La Mer Revitalising Hydrating Serum instantly infuses skin with much needed energy and hydration. Micro droplets help skin attract and hold moisture, while delivering the key active ingredients deep within the skin’s surface layers. If you have oily skin, this is the only skincare item that you need to apply in the morning. The full sized 30ml version retails at £145. Having used this three times in a row I’ve noticed a significant difference, not only hydrating my skin but also helping to clear away pesky blemishes.

The Eye Concentrate is a luxurious light weight gel cream that aims to combat signs of ageing and fatigue. It contains radiant ferments that infuse the skin with energy, reinforcing its innate support system. It also contains a calming cocktail of sea algae and anti-irritants to soothe and balance. As you know the eye area is particularly fragile and one of the first places where signs of ageing will show first therefore it is important to invest in a good quality eye product. You’ll thank me later! This item retails at £150 (gulp) for 15ml.

The Intensive Revitalising Mask is the secret to detoxifying the skin leaving it brighter, fresher and plumped. In a mere 8 minutes your skin will be drenched in moisture, free radicals neutralised and your complexion will be protected from stress and pollution all thanks to the trio of Miracle Broth, Vitality Ferment and Purifying Ferment. The full size version is 75ml and retails at £115.

As the trend for micellar water continues, La Mer’s version is a cooling cleanser that has the refreshing feel of a splash of water without the skin drying effects. Positively charged water molecules dissolve impurities and even the most stubborn makeup, while purifying algae gets to grips with dirt and pollution leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated. I did enjoy using this however I am still hooked on my Emma Hardin Moringa Cleansing balm so I’m afraid I would give this one a miss. For 200ml it retails at £70.

Finally the last item included in the box was the Treatment Lotion. Described as ‘liquid energy’, this rich and silky hydrator floods skin with moisture and wakes up the complexion as well as visibly improving the texture of your skin. The awesome thing about this product is that it also helps penetrate into the skin any other products that you apply on top, efficiently boosting the effectiveness of your overall skincare routine. 150ml retails at £100.

I can definitely understand why the contents of the box are so small in comparison to their retail value and can safely say it was more than worth it to be able to try a skincare regime by this iconic brand. I absolutely love the La Mer moisturiser which may be a treat next time I’m coming through the duty free. As I was also told, look after your skin from a young age and you’ll reap the rewards later in life.

Did any of you manage to get your hands on one of these boxes? If so what were your thoughts. And if you have tried this brand before I would love to know your views so pop a comment in the box below.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Créme de la Mer Limited Edition GlossyBox

  1. Such lovely packaging!! I’ve heard so many good things about La Mer. And you’re right. Start taking care of your skin at a young age and you’ll continue to look good as you age. I’m getting close to 30 so I’m now looking more into skincare than makeup. x

    Valerie //

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