My Little Box March 2017 #NoFilter

The March My Little Box has arrived and for the second time this year we’ve seen the box replaced with a bag.  This month’s goodies were packaged in a gorgeous peach toned semi transparent zipped makeup bag.  It’s the perfect size for packing your toiletries when your going on vacation and as it’s plastic, there’s no fretting if any of your products should leak (we’ve all been there!).  It would also make a great makeup bag or to hold your belongings if you were off to the beach or pool.  It screams Summer vibes so I was very intrigued to see what this month had to offer.

The theme this month is to help you release your inner beauty, ditching social media filters and just to be your beautiful self.  The bag has the caption #NoFilterBeauty, s’il vous plait.  The postcard this month encaptures the theme well with the slogan, “You were born to be real not perfect” As the media and social media community continually airbrush out flaws, this was a nice reminder to be true to yourself. Although I was slightly disappointed that the classic MLB illustration was missing this month, I will definitely be using this postcard in some of my insta posts in the future.

The first item that I pulled out was a little notepad for jotting down your thoughts and beauty ideas.  Inside there are tips on how to create the perfect Instagram shot, quotes and short memoirs from inspirational beautiful women and makeup and skincare tips.  It’s a positive little book, has lots of pages for your notes and has an adorable illustration across the cover.  It’s perfect for popping in your handbag for on the go inspiration.

Next up I pulled out a very intriguing and adorable bubble wrap pouch. Who knew you could get heart bubble wrap!?! Love this! Inside is a metal ring that sticks onto the back of your phone to prevent you from dropping it when trying to take a selfie.  A fabulous idea as we’ve all been there trying desperately to get the perfect shot and nearly dropping our brand new iPhone.  Thankfully I have never yet succumbed to the cracked phone screen however it has been close. This little device can also be used as a mini tripod.  A very clever invention.

The first beauty item was a beautiful Instagram worthy foundation brush from the My Little Beauty collection.  The combination of brushed pink bristles and rose gold finishing makes this item a winner from the get go.  The bristles are luxuriously soft.  I don’t think that it would be great for applying foundation, I think I would use this more for powder or blush as it will provide the perfect coverage whilst maintaining its softness. Love this item!

I was very excited to see a Laura Mercier item especially as it is one that I have been eyeing up for a while.  It’s the blemish less foundation primer.  It’s a white cream that sinks into your skin leaving it feeling silky smooth. It dries quickly and smoothes out the texture of the skin.  A lot goes along way.  I tried it under my foundation and I was very impressed.  The sample is 15ml which is a decent size and I would think this would last 2-4 weeks.  I’ve had a few breakouts recently so with salicylic acid as one of the ingredients, hopefully this will clear my skin up completely.

Also from My Little Beauty was this pale pink nail polish.  I’ve had a few polishes from MLB and they do tend to last for ages without chipping so I’m looking forward to trying this.  It would make the perfect shade for work however I can’t wear any polish on my fingers, only my toes because bizarrely I’m allergic to it (my fingers turn blue and I lose sensation, crazy right!).

I love translucent powders so was excited to find a new launch from Make Up Forever.  It’s an ultra fine pressed powder which is great for setting your foundation, particularly if you have oily skin or want your makeup to last all day.  As it’s translucent it’s perfect for on the go touch ups and it suits every skin tone.

Overall I was very impressed with this month’s box as every item I have been loving so far.  Once again My Little Box has upped their game and continues to be a fabulous box.

What do you all think of this month’s edition?

Thanks for reading xx

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